Fried artichokes with tender garlic


artichokes -4
-4 tender garlics
mild olive -Oil for frying


We remove the greenish layers of the artichoke. They cut the stem leaving 1 cm. Break them in half and remove them from the center lint. The chop into strips about 3 mm. The cover with a damp cloth while we prepare the garlics.

Peel the tender garlics and open them to the ends by cutting crosswise.

In a pan with hot oil to fry first put artichokes and then garlics, until well browned. The remove and drain them on paper towels. Season them and serve immediately.

Tips and tricks:

This frying is an excellent appetizer. The only drawback is that it should be served immediately after frying. Therefore, once prepared vegetables, can be left in water with parsley and a dash of vinegar. Then drain and fry in the last minute.

Also available in: Català, Español

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