400g leeks, white part cut
oil 50g – 50g butter
1 cup water
300 g potatoes cut small
salt-pebre- nutmeg
700 gr. Water or poultry broth
400 grams of milk or water.

• Sauté the leeks with oil and butter 12 minutes.
• Add a glass of water, boil 2 minutes, crushing everything with mixer
• Add the potatoes cut into small pieces, salt, pepper, nutmeg and add 700gr of chicken stock (or water), cook for 20 minutes.
• Grind everything with the mixer.
• Add milk and cook 8 minutes.
• Serve or very cold.
Note.- If you do not want to or chicken stock or milk can be substituted for water and everything is good, but not as tasty. Despite being a cold cream for the summer, I took the warm winter, freshly made. Serve with pernilet cut, fried croutons, quicos, sesame seeds, chives (chives) … cut above what you like.

Council emmagatzematge- This soup can prepare the day before and keep it cool in the fridge and eat well at any meal

Also available in: Català, Español

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